No matter how hard it gets or how hard it’s going to get, never quit! That’s the spirit. That’s the deal. However, terms and conditions apply in using this deal. Your dreams must be true.

The phrase ‘never quit’ has become one of the most powerful motivational forces in the history of mankind. We have seen men and women, who, through their  unflinching perseverance and uncompromising attitude, achieved the great impossible even in the oddest conditions.

Abraham Lincoln became the president of the United State of American, after a series of serious defeats in lower positions than the presidency. Who could have thought a perpetual loser would eventually emerge winner in a presidential race? But his unflinching perseverance and uncompromising attitude saw him through.

Thomas Edison scaled through over 1000 failures to invent one of the most beneficial inventions to mankind — the light bulb. We could go on and on to mention those who surmounted the impossible simply by not given up.

Yet, there are people in history who pursued wrong fantasies and hence came to an abrupt end. Adolf Hitler dreamt of a world where there is only one race. And while on his quest to fulfil his dream, He slaughtered millions and millions of people. And yes, he committed suicide in the long run. There are many examples of such people in history which will not be  mentioned as a result of time and space constraints.

So, it is necessary that we check our fantasies and ensure they’re in line with our life purpose. The essence of your existence cannot be evil, because He that designed you is good and His intention towards you is equally good. To miss out on one’s life purpose can be liken to a situation where a man who’s running a long-distance race only to find out, after hours of sweating and struggling, that he’s been carting the wrong course and have missed out of the race itinerate. The effort, the time, the resources — all wasted.

Just like in sport race, life race also has an itinerary. Therefore, every man must follow through his itinerary to reach his purpose. The worst thing that can happen to a man is for him to wake up one morning and realize that, all this while, he’s been running off course off his life purpose.

What’s my point? Am I asking you to quit your dreams? No, never quit. I’m asking you to check your dreams and ensure they’re in line with your life purpose. If it’s not in line, please quit — immediately. Then, find your purpose, and start living your true dreams towards your life purpose. 

So, how do I know if my dreams are in life with my life purpose? Here, I suggest you allow your ambition, dreams, or fantasies to pass through the dream verification tests before you switch on the never-quit button.

1. Your Dreams Should Glorify God

The first steps to check whether you’re on the right track is to ask yourself this question: will my dream glorify God? or are my achievements glorifying God?

If your answer is a resounding ‘yes’, you’re definitely on the right course. If your dreams fail this test, quit immediately. Because the pursuit of human desires without godly purpose produces self-destruction.

History has provided us with ample examples of those who despised God’s purpose and walked on their self-made plans. Their ends were disastrous.

2. Your Dreams Should Benefit Humanity

Your overall motive in any undertaking — be it politics, entrepreneurship, business venture, or authoring — should be to glorify God and to benefit mankind.

However, if your overall motive is fashioned around money, fame, and respect (these, of course, are inherent in service to God and humanity), you might want to re-address your motives.

I suggest you fashion your dreams around those two criteria. You can take a clue from my vision statement.

“My vision is to become an exceptional leader and to raise generations of exceptional young people, who will begin to identify their talent and potentials on time, fulfil and accomplish their purpose early in life; and ultimately use their talents and potential to the advancement of humanity and to the glory of God.”

3. Passion to Pursue Your Dreams

Passion is the driving force that keeps you going towards your purpose. Without passion, interest cannot be sustained. Hence, dreams may become unrealistic.

As a kid I fancied medical profession, but deep within I knew it was just what it is — a fantasy. I didn’t want it badly, but I did fancy it because of the honour it commands. Funny enough, I belong to the category of people that cringe even at the faintest sight of blood. Sometimes I wonder how terrible a doctor I would be if I had not realized that my passion lies in something different from the medical field.

So, when should you quit your fantasies? I suggest you quit when your supposed dreams, ambitions, fancies and  fantasies fail the three steps of purpose verification. Even if they fail just one step — step one, especially.

If your fancies and fantasy pass all the three verification steps, congratulations. You’ve found your purpose. I therefore suggest that you switch on the never-give-up button and strive until you fulfil destiny.

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